How To Know When To Invest In Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be used to send and receive money and can also be used as an investment. Given the way that Bitcoin has increased in value in the past, it can be a valuable addition to your investment portfolio as long as you have a strategy in mind.

Risk Exposure

If you do not want to expose yourself to too much risk, you should invest only 3% of your portfolio in Bitcoin. However, if you would like to expose yourself to more risk and believe that there is more money you are willing to lose, you could invest as much as 25% of your investment portfolio. By diversifying your portfolio with other investments, you'll be able to hedge against risk.

If you aren't sure, the best way to start is to invest a small amount. Then, you can get a sense of what it's like to be a Bitcoin investor. Consider the budget that you'd like to have as a Bitcoin investor and invest your money into Bitcoin over time. For example, you may choose to purchase more Bitcoin every month while observing how your investment performs. Also, you will be able to try out a single Bitcoin exchange more easily if you invest a small amount into Bitcoin. Then, you'll have an easier time acquainting yourself with the process. 

Consider What You Will Do If Your Investment Grows Considerably

Many Bitcoin investors became millionaires overnight when the price of Bitcoin spiked. However, it's important to not make major life decisions when your Bitcoin investment is spiking in value until you are familiar with the fluctuations in the value of Bitcoin that are common. 

You'll also want to ask yourself about whether you may want to hold onto your Bitcoin investment for an extended period of time regardless of how much it ends up being worth. 

Learn About the Bitcoin Cycle

Bitcoin will often surge and create a bubble. The bubble will burst and the Bitcoin will crash in value abruptly. Knowing when the Bitcoin price will reach a low point is the key to knowing when you should start investing.

Look at the market's all-time high. The closer the cryptocurrency is to the all-time high, the less that you will want to invest. However, it's still a good idea to invest somewhat no matter where you are in the cycle so you can get started.

Check out online sources to start buying Bitcoin.